Year Month Topic  
2016 May CREC & Real Estate Forms: Some Work - Some Don't Select
2016 January TRID - The Real Impact Described Select
2015 December The "Uber Effect" - How will it affect you?...  Select
2015 November After the Moratorium: 2016 Contract Changes... Select
2015 October The Pendulum is Swinging... Select
2015 September Fdes Create Conflicts for Colorado Select
2015 August Behind the Scenes - Stakeholders Collaborate Select
2015 July Protecting the Elderly from Abuse in the Real Estate Industry Select
2015 June Changing Process – Adjusting Behavior and Practice Select
2015 May
New Opportunities... Life After Foreclosure
2015 April “Consumers Deserve Credit” – Changes Coming to the Bureaus Select
2015 March

“Collateral Underwriter” – Impacts on the Appraisal Process

2015 February

Keep - Start - Stop... The Fannie and Freddie Conundrum

2015 January

Marijuana and Real Estate – New Rules Coming from DORA

2014 December Encryption Select
2014 November Types of Deeds in Colorado Select
2014 October CFPB and Closing Timeframes Select
2014 September Pitfalls of Pro-rations Select
2014 August Real Estate Contracts and the Moratorium  - "The Back Story" Select
2014 July
Division of Real Estate Forms Discussion - Part 2
2014 June Rooftop Solar Panels: "The Rest of the Story" Select
2014 May
Dust-up at the “Division” over Seller Financing
2014 April
To refer, or not to refer – That is the question!
2014 March 2014 CREC Contract Title Provisions...Much more than a form change
2014 February
Water Demands in Colorado by 2015… Their effect on Real Estate Sales in 2014 and beyond
2014 January Colorado's Statutes of Limitation...applied to real estate Select
2013 December
Real Estate Licensees Selling Mobile Homes
2013 November Social Media Tips Select
2013 October Colorado and the Reality of Flooding Select
2013 September Homeowners Association - New Laws Select
2013 August Happy Birthday Colorado! From a Territory to a State... Select
2013 July The Mechanic’s Lien Select
2013 June WRAP Mortgages Select
2013 May History of Colorado Water... Our precious resource! Select
2013 April Survey Issues and the Mandatory Contract Select
2013 March Types of Deeds in Colorado Select
2013 February Understanding the many "lesser estates in real property" Select
2013 January Which Title Company will you choose... Select
2012 December Ringing in 2012 ... Amended Contracts Select
2012 November Colorado's 2012 Wild Fires Select
2012 October A dry 2012 spells concern for the small capacity water well... Select
2012 September Wind Energy Rights in Real Property Select
2012 August Forclosure Sale & Notice Requirements...
Colorado 2012 Legislative Session
2012 July What is a Spurious Lien? Select
2012  June  Protecting the buyer of Bank Owner Properties Select
2012 May  The Notary Public...a critical player at the closing table  Select
2012  April  Drill Baby Drilll...but not next to my house!   Select
2012 March Closing on HOA transactions and the position of an HOA lien... Select
2012 February  Protecting the Elderly from financial abuse...  Select
2012  January Make a toast to 2012 but watchout for the Liquor Reverter Restriction Select
2011 December Probate and the "Boomer" generation Select
2011 November Now is the time...Explode your business online Select
2011 October Real Estate Development, Mineral Extraction and the Homewoner Select
2011 September Improved contracts for 2012 in Colorado Select
2011 August Attention: Buyers of Real your title toxic? Select
2011 July  Medicaid and Real Estate Ownership Select
2011 June A Detailed Look at the Beneficiary Deed Select
2011  May Your Client Short Sale and the
Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 
2011  April Seller in bankruptcy?...can closing proceed on time?... Select
2011 March Air Rights - Air Space Select
2011 February Title Insurance and Title Objections Select
2011 January  Statement of Taxes Due are in the mail or available electronically! Select
2010 December The Twelve Danger Signs on a Title Commitment Select
2010 November  Colorado River Concern Select
2010 October  New Contracts Select
2010 September The Broker Lien...similiar to a mechanic's lien? Select
2010 August  Information Officer for common interest properties Select
2003  April  Coexisting with Active Mineral Extraction  Select
2002 October  The Oil and Gas Lease Select


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